Discover the Taste of Truly Great Seafood

The Clearwater Seafood Company, based in Nova Scotia, Canada, started its operations in 1976 and grew into a successful enterprise devoted to harvesting wild seafood and marketing it to customers. The company maintains a fleet of boats that use the latest technology to obtain fresh seafood from the ocean. It seeks to reduce any harm to the environment by using eco-friendly practices that result in a minimum disruption to the ocean or its animal and plant life.

Clearwater has an experienced logistics team that makes sure all foods arrive at their destinations fresh and tasty. The company contracts out services, such as transport and cold storage, only to the most reputable companies in their respective fields. They also stay abreast of all customs regulations because they export to a number of countries.

Clearwater Seafood is one of Canada's most prominent seafood companies and has a long record of providing quality lobster, shellfish and other marine products to its customers.

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